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Pages 8 - 27

• Kenneth Rattner is unsuccessfully hitchhiking by the side of a road and enters into a gas station where he wanders the aisles aimlessly.

• Rattner lies to the storekeep, telling him that he needs a tire iron and then asks the distance to Atlanta and says he needs to get going, which is odd because the storekeep thinks he has a flat tire.

• Rattner hitches a ride with a customer toward Atlanta, although his ultimate destination is Knoxville.
• Marion Sylder was born in 1913 in the Appalachian Mountain town named Red Branch.

• Sylder has come and gone from the town most of his life and has been gone five years this time, the purpose of which is never revealed.

• Sylder goes to the local Green Fly Inn that is perched precariously on a mountain and tethered loosely to a pine tree.

• Rattner finds himself outside a dumpy bar...

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