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The Billboard

This object first showed an angry Ivan, but later became a symbol of hope to Ruby and all the animals trapped in the mall.

Not-Tag (The Toy Gorilla)

Ivan named this object in memory of his sister. It comforts him in his isolation.


Ivan discovers a way to amuse himself and retaliate against the annoying humans who tease him from the other side of his enclosure by throwing this smelly object at the glass wall of his enclosure.


These objects are also symbols of hope as well as an artist's best friend. Occasionally, though, Ivan eats them.


These objects represent not only greed, but also cruelty. Thrown into the seal's pool, they are also responsible for her death.

The Claw-Stick

An obvious symbol of torture and cruelty, Mack uses this object to force Ruby to bend to his will.


This symbol represents...

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