Objects & Places from The Old Man and the Boy

Robert Ruark
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Rural South Carolina - The book takes place in this area by the ocean where Bobby loves hunting in the marshes and coasts.

Maryland - This is where Old Man goes for his last hunting trip and where Mr. Howard lives.

Crabcake Shack - Bobby and the Old Man visit this area that they use for camping when they want to fish on the beach.

Fishing Cottage - Sometimes the Old Man rents this place by the beach, where they go when they are very tired from their outdoor activities.

Bobby's Tree House - This is an amazing place built by one of the main characters that the Old Man is very impressed with.

Aphrodite the Turtle - This creature came out of the sea and lays eggs.

Billy the Goat - This creature is what Bobby practices on before getting a horse and is stubborn and...

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