The Old Man and the Boy Character Descriptions

Robert Ruark
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The Old Man

This main character has been through a lot in life, including World War I, has seen a lot of the world, enjoys creative loafing, and teaches another character important lessons and life skills.


This is the narrator and main character who is eager to hunt and kill, loves the outdoors, and enjoys learning from another character.

Miss Lottie

This character is a grandparent who is very smart and married to one of the main characters.

Mr. Howard

This character is an old childhood friend of one of the main characters who lives in Maryland.

Tom the Indian

This character often hunts with the two main characters, and in their spare time they make and drink moonshine.

Pete the Indian

This character is the sibling of another character who loves hunting with the two main characters.

Uncle Jimmy

This character runs the general store in...

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