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Short Answer Questions

1. What color skirt is Lettie wearing when the narrator first meets her?

2. How many pieces of gray cloth settle to the earth after Lettie completes the binding in Chapter 4?

3. To what tune does Lettie begin to bind the creature that she and the narrator encounter in Chapter 4?

4. What does Ellen Henderson send the narrator on his birthday in Chapter 3?

5. What type of dog does the secretary who works for the narrator’s father have?

Short Essay Questions

1. What new job has the narrator's mother taken in Chapter 6?

2. What does the narrator like and dislike about sharing a bedroom with his sister?

3. What does Mr. Wollery find in the garden in Chapter 3?

4. Who steals the narrator’s father’s car in Chapter 2? Why?

5. How does the narrator describe his seventh birthday party in Chapter 1?

6. What does the narrator describe having cut out of his knee with a penknife in Chapter 5? What did he learn?

7. What are narcissi and what are they named for?

8. What does the narrator find when he examines his foot in Chapter 5?

9. How does Lettie find the way to the creature to bind it in Chapter 4?

10. Who are Mr. and Mrs. Wollery? What are their positions in the narrator's household?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the narrator's relationship with Lettie in the novel. What are some examples in the novel that illustrate the narrator's trust of Lettie? Is Lettie worthy of the narrator's trust? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the narrator's relationship with his father. What type of boy was the narrator's father growing up? How does the narrator’s father punish his son? Why is there tension between the two?

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 4, Lettie takes the narrator along when she goes to bind the creature that is causing problems. Why does Lettie take the narrator with her? What instructions does she give the narrator? Why does the narrator disobey? Is Lettie able to bind the creature?

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