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Short Answer Questions

1. What color skirt is Lettie wearing when the narrator first meets her?

2. Around what time of day does the man commit suicide in the narrator’s father’s car?

3. What does Lettie give the narrator to eat in Chapter 2?

4. In Chapter 7, what does Ursula make for dinner?

5. What animal is seen by the narrator and Lettie as they feel the storm in Chapter 4?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the narrator describe having cut out of his knee with a penknife in Chapter 5? What did he learn?

2. How does the narrator get rid of the worm after removing it from his foot?

3. What does the narrator find when he examines his foot in Chapter 5?

4. How does the narrator describe the lane that he drives in the Prologue?

5. What new job has the narrator's mother taken in Chapter 6?

6. Who are Mr. and Mrs. Wollery? What are their positions in the narrator's household?

7. How does the narrator describe his seventh birthday party in Chapter 1?

8. Describe the narrator's dream in Chapter 3. What does the narrator discover when he wakes?

9. What are narcissi and what are they named for?

10. How does the narrator describe the clearing that he and Lettie enter in their search for the creature in Chapter 4?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the narrator's experiences in the ocean in Chapter 13. What sensations does the narrator feel when he is in the ocean? Why does he want to stay there? Why can’t he stay there?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the narrator's escape from his locked bedroom in Chapter 8. What emotions go through the narrator’s mind when he realizes that Ursula has locked him in? How does the narrator escape? Does he leave because of fear or courage?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and discuss the hunger birds in the novel. What do they look like? What is another name for these creatures? What is their purpose? What do the creatures do to Ursula?

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