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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the narrator singing when he sees Ursula outside the circle in Chapter 12?
(a) “Ninety-nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall.”
(b) “Ants Go Marching.”
(c) “Are you Sleeping.?”
(d) “The Nightmare Song.”

2. How does the narrator get hurt when Ursula crumples to the ground?
(a) He twists his ankle.
(b) He bumps his nose.
(c) He skins his knees and the palms of his hands.
(d) He bumps his head.

3. Where does Ursula threaten to put the narrator when she catches up with him in Chapter 8?
(a) In the basement.
(b) In the shed.
(c) Under the porch.
(d) In the attic.

4. Why do the cleaners refuse to leave?
(a) There is still a bit of Ursula in the narrator.
(b) Lettie doesn’t have enough power to make them go back.
(c) They are still hungry.
(d) They like earth.

5. In Chapter 10, what wakes the narrator in the night?
(a) The honking of a horn.
(b) Noise outside.
(c) Strange dreams.
(d) Lettie's voice.

6. What is the name of the Hempstock’s cow that seems to be going lame in Chapter 9?
(a) Bridget.
(b) Rhiannon.
(c) Brianna.
(d) Meghan.

7. In Chapter 10, how does the narrator carry his pajamas and toothbrush home?
(a) In a shopping bag.
(b) In a box.
(c) In a brown paper bag.
(d) In a plastic sack.

8. What color are the things with wings that come for Ursula?
(a) Gray.
(b) Brown.
(c) White.
(d) Black.

9. What do the Hempstocks give to the narrator’s parents after they bring his toothbrush to him?
(a) Bread.
(b) Cookies.
(c) Biscuits.
(d) Scones.

10. At the beginning of his ordeal in the fairy ring, what does the narrator do to distract himself from seeing someone talking to him outside the circle?
(a) He sings under his breath.
(b) He recites poems.
(c) He says the multiplication tables.
(d) He counts.

11. What takes Lettie away in Chapter 14?
(a) Angels.
(b) A huge wave.
(c) Hunger birds.
(d) A doctor.

12. What do the Hempstocks serve the narrator for dinner in Chapter 9?
(a) Chicken pot pie with vegetables.
(b) Chicken, bread, and greens.
(c) Beef pot pie with vegetables.
(d) Beef, potatoes, greens, and carrots.

13. In Chapter 8, how far is the narrator inside the boundaries of the Hempstock Farm?
(a) 20 feet.
(b) 5 feet.
(c) 15 feet.
(d) 10 feet.

14. In Chapter 8, what does the narrator touch just as Ursula is about to descend upon him?
(a) Barbed wire.
(b) A puppy.
(c) A kitten.
(d) Pussy-willows.

15. Whom does the narrator think of when he is loaned a nightgown from the Hempstocks in Chapter 9?
(a) Wee Willie Winkie.
(b) Little Jack Horner.
(c) Georgie Porgie.
(d) Little Boy Blue.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 14, what do the hunger birds say they have devoured?

2. What does the narrator realize when he steps into the ocean in Chapter 13?

3. What flavor is the tooth powder that the narrator uses in Chapter 10?

4. How far is the narrator's bedroom window said to be from the ground in Chapter 8?

5. Who is the first person that the narrator sees when he is standing in the circle in Chapter 12?

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