The Ocean at the End of the Lane Character Descriptions

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This character is introduced after attending a funeral in the novel's Prologue. After the funeral, he revisits the home of a childhood friend and the memories he found there.

Opal Miner

This character commits suicide in a car.

Lettie Hempstock

This character is the narrator's childhood friend who lives by the ocean at the end of the lane.

Old Mrs. Hempstock

This character is a grandmother who says she remembers when the moon was made.

Ginnie Hempstock

This character lives on a farm with her daughter and mother.

Mr. Wollery

This character is eighty-nine years old and enjoys gardening.

Mrs. Wollery

This character is seventy-seven years old and enjoys cleaning.

Ursula Monkton

This character is hired as a housekeeper in exchange for room and board. She is believed to be evil by multiple characters.


This is name of the kitten that is brought back from the...

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