The Ocean at the End of the Lane Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Prologue and Chapter 1

• In the brief excerpt before the Prologue, an unnamed narrator remembers a body of water at the end of the lane, which Lettie Hempstock called an ocean.

• In the Prologue, the narrator, who has just attended a funeral, walks to the pond and is greeted by Mrs. Hempstock.

• In Chapter 1, the narrator describes his seventh birthday, when he is given a Gilbert and Sullivan record and a black kitten whom he names fluffy.

• One day, after the narrator’s parents have taken in boarders, an opal miner tells the narrator that Fluffy has been hit by a car.

• The opal miner feels bad about killing the cat and gives the narrator a big ginger-colored cat with one ear missing named Monster.

Chapter 2

• In Chapter 2, the narrator’s father’s car goes missing and the narrator and his father find that the opal miner has committed...

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