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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maturin think poverty may affect?
(a) His marriage.
(b) His family's estate.
(c) His son's education.
(d) His son's inheritance.

2. Why does Aubrey turn tail and run?
(a) He learns that the Cornélie has more guns than he was told.
(b) He sees a French man-o-war in port also.
(c) He learns the gunpowder on his ship is wet.
(d) His bluff has failed.

3. What is the Triton?
(a) A French frigate.
(b) An English privateer.
(c) A Dutch merchant vessel.
(d) An American privateer.

4. What are Aubrey's intentions?
(a) To run ahead of the wind as fast as possible.
(b) He has not yet decided.
(c) To encourage pursuit.
(d) To find a place to hide out until Cornélie gives up.

5. To what is Maturin oblivious?
(a) The numerous mosquitoes.
(b) The off-key singing of the French officers.
(c) The social tension.
(d) The heat.

6. About what does Maturin brood?
(a) About his son's recent bout with malaria.
(b) Being poor.
(c) That he cannot search the nearby islands for new specimens.
(d) About his wife is in ill health.

7. How do Maturin and Martin find two young girls?
(a) When looking through the village.
(b) The girls are in a fruit tree.
(c) While searching for fruit.
(d) When they are trying to grab some Swifts' nests.

8. What does Aubrey realize as he sights land that evening?
(a) He is going to get to the ambush place just on time.
(b) He doesn't recognize the landmarks.
(c) He has misjudged the tide.
(d) He is too far west of his planned ambush.

9. What does Maturin discover in the hold of the ship?
(a) Rats have gnawed into the chest with the coca leaves.
(b) A hole that is slowly filling the hold with water.
(c) Oakes drinking whiskey.
(d) A stowaway.

10. Who does Maturin offend?
(a) Governor Greeves.
(b) Captain Connor.
(c) No one.
(d) Captain Lowe.

11. Who appears on the horizon?
(a) Surprise.
(b) The French man-o-war.
(c) An American privateer.
(d) The HMS Shannon.

12. Where does Surprise head from Sweeting Island?
(a) England.
(b) Brest.
(c) The Mediterranean.
(d) New South Wales.

13. What does the landing party find?
(a) A pirate's nest.
(b) Only about forty natives.
(c) Hundreds of native corpses.
(d) No one.

14. Why does the Nutmeg of Consolation sail poorly?
(a) Because the jib boom is too warped.
(b) In order to give Cornélie the ability to keep up.
(c) Because the winds are coming out of the northwest.
(d) Because the topmast stay is broken.

15. What do Martin and Maturin exchange over the next few weeks?
(a) Letters from their wives that the other had.
(b) News, Adventures and specimens.
(c) Opinions on the hereditary line of gibbons.
(d) Medical advice.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Aubrey modify the Nutmeg of Consolation?

2. Why are Maturin and Martin combing the island despite the illness?

3. Who is offered a command position?

4. What happens to Maturin when the coca leaves are all gone?

5. How does Maturin find the guests at a dinner party?

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