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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the landing party find?
(a) Hundreds of native corpses.
(b) No one.
(c) Only about forty natives.
(d) A pirate's nest.

2. What does Cornélie do in response to Nutmeg's heading out to sea?
(a) Shoots a couple rounds after them but declines to pursue.
(b) It can't do anything as it is replacing its main mast.
(c) It relies upon the man-o-war to give chase.
(d) Gathers her boats and men and hoists anchor for pursuit.

3. Why does Aubrey turn tail and run?
(a) He learns that the Cornélie has more guns than he was told.
(b) His bluff has failed.
(c) He learns the gunpowder on his ship is wet.
(d) He sees a French man-o-war in port also.

4. What does Aubrey offer to Maturin?
(a) To lend him money for his son's schooling.
(b) To send him back to England to settle his affairs.
(c) To purchase the Surprise.
(d) To split the recent prize money with him.

5. What does Aubrey think of the Surprise?
(a) It has been kept immaculate.
(b) It needs more carronades.
(c) It seems small now.
(d) It is malodorous.

6. What does the crew think is rather odd?
(a) That the birds stay with the ship.
(b) That the two cats follow the girls everywhere.
(c) That the albatross allows Maturin to splint its wing.
(d) That the rats are so calm.

7. What are Aubrey's intentions?
(a) To encourage pursuit.
(b) He has not yet decided.
(c) To run ahead of the wind as fast as possible.
(d) To find a place to hide out until Cornélie gives up.

8. For whom does Aubrey host a dinner?
(a) The captains of the flotilla and captured French officers.
(b) The Governor of Madagascar.
(c) Admiral Leighton and his staff.
(d) The Sultan of Imar.

9. What Passage does his ship run down?
(a) The Straits of Pukuoni.
(b) Great Horned.
(c) Salibabu.
(d) Zanzibare.

10. What does Aubrey share with Pullings?
(a) His belief that Pullings should have his own command.
(b) His ideas about the upcoming battle.
(c) His misgivings about Oakes and Miller.
(d) His misgivings about the Nutmeg Consolation.

11. Who escorts Triton and the American prizes?
(a) Nutmeg of Consolation.
(b) HMS Leopard.
(c) HMS Shannon.
(d) Surprise.

12. What do Martin and Maturin exchange over the next few weeks?
(a) News, Adventures and specimens.
(b) Letters from their wives that the other had.
(c) Medical advice.
(d) Opinions on the hereditary line of gibbons.

13. What do the girls adopt as pets?
(a) Rats.
(b) An albatross with a broken wing and its baby.
(c) Two seagulls.
(d) The ship cats.

14. Who appears on the horizon?
(a) Surprise.
(b) The French man-o-war.
(c) The HMS Shannon.
(d) An American privateer.

15. What does Aubrey realize as he sights land that evening?
(a) He has misjudged the tide.
(b) He is too far west of his planned ambush.
(c) He doesn't recognize the landmarks.
(d) He is going to get to the ambush place just on time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Surprise head for Sweeting's Island?

2. About what does Maturin brood?

3. When must Aubrey reach his destination?

4. What does Maturin diagnose?

5. What is strange about the bay at Sweeting's Island?

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