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Surprise - A a private man-of-war, owned by Stephen Maturin and then Jack Aubrey .

HMS Nutmeg of Consolation - A Dutch-built ship taken into the service of the Royal Navy by Governor Raffles of Batavia.

Cornélie - Aa French frigate returning to Europe from an unsuccessful mission to Pulo Prabang.

Shipwreck Island - A fictional island near a submerged reef in the South China Sea.

Li Po's Chinese Junk - A boat that conveys the marooned men to Batavia.

Coca Leaves - Maturin frequently chews these and maintains a massive stash of the stimulant in a strongbox.

Transportation - This is the deporting of convicted criminals to a penal colony. .

New South Wales - The English government used this area as a penal colony and colonized the area by forced transportation.

Paulton's Novel - This appears to deal with a lovelorn and introspective young man...

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