The Nutmeg of Consolation Character Descriptions

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Jack Aubrey - This character is an unchallenged master in his element of the sea.

Stephen Maturin - This character's personal expertise lies in the area of medicine, and he is also a natural scientist of some repute

Tom Pullings - This character is a post-captain in the Royal Navy but lacks an appointment.

Nathaniel Martin - This character is a man of the cloth and devoted to religion.

Miller and Oakes - These are two young midshipmen that have been cast ashore from the service.

John Paulton - This character is a would-be novelist who has traveled to Australia to work as an overseer.

Padeen Colman - This character is a powerfully-built Irishman who has served as Maturin's loblolly-boy and entirely-dependable servant.

Captain Lowe - An officer based at Port Jackson who hates convicts, Catholics, and Irishmen.

Awkward Davies, Barret Bonden, and Preserved Killick -...

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