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Chapters 1 and 2

• One hundred and fifty-seven British seamen are marooned on an unnamed island in the South China Sea.

• They are the survivors of the wreck of HMS Diane.

• Many tools and supplies are salvaged and the men are building a schooner to escape the island.

• The castaway's camp is well-organized by Welby, who throws up defensive breastwork and tactical improvements.

• The men hunt, fish and play cricket in addition to working on the schooner.

• Maturin finds a cave full of swifts' nests for soup but contracts a tropical fever which lays him out for a few days.

• Maturin wakes to discover a Dyak woman named Kesegaran in the camp inspecting various things.

• Kesegaran gains favor with the common seamen by her tendency to expose much of her body.

• Maturin asks Kesegaran to carry a message to Batavia and she agrees, though Maturin is suspicious.

• Maturin discusses with...

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