Objects & Places from The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks (author)
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Brices Creek

This is the body of water beside Noah's historic home.


This is where Allie moves after meeting Noah.


This is where Allie lives when she meets Noah.

New Bern

This is the name of the place where Noah lives.

Goldman's Scrap Yard

This is where Noah works and eventually receives an inheritance from.


This is the name of Noah's dog.

The Lake at Brices Creek

This is where Noah and Allie go to see swans.

Creekside Extended Care Facility

This is where Noah and Allie live in their old age.

The Old Methodist Church

This is where Allie and Lon talk when he visits her.

The Front Porch

This is the part of the house where Noah spends a great deal of time.

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