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Nicholas Sparks (author)
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Lesson 1 (from Miracles, Ghosts)


The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks's first published novel, is a story of everlasting love. The Notebook is an example of a romance novel because it focuses on the love of the two protagonists of the novel, Allie and Noah. This lesson discusses the genre of the novel The Notebook.


1) Library research: Have students research the romance novel genre. What are the characteristics of a romance novel? How are romance novels viewed by the literary world? What makes The Notebook a romance novel? Have students write an essay on what makes The Notebook a romance novel.

2) Presentation: Using the research from #1, have students choose a handful of the more popular romance novels and compare their plots, characters, and tone with The Notebook. What makes these novels similar? Are there any fundamental differences between the novels? Have students give a short presentation comparing and contrasting some of the...

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