The Notebook Fun Activities

Nicholas Sparks (author)
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Love poem

Noah spends most of his life outdoors surrounded by the calm of nature. Write a love poem in Noah's voice that expresses his feelings for Allie but that also reflects his love of nature.


Noah and Allie wrote many letters to each other that were never delivered. In Allie's voice, write a letter to Noah which reflects what she must have felt in the autumn after she had fallen in love with him only to be separated from him.


Create a timeline mapping out important events over Allie and Noah's lives. Illustrate (with a photo, clipping, drawing, etc.) as many of the points added to the timeline as you can.

Work of Art

Create an artistic work in any medium depicting an interesting scene, setting, or character in The Notebook.

Fashion Research

Much of the story in The Notebook is set during the 1930s...

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