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Nicholas Sparks (author)
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Essay Topic 1

The novel is mostly set in New Bern, North Carolina during the 1930s, 1940s, and the present day. Describe Sparks's portrayal of these time periods and how the events of these times affect the protagonists. Also, the house which Noah buys and fixes up is a prominent setting. Why does Noah decide to buy the house and set it up? What does the historic house symbolize?

Essay Topic 2

Allie Calhoun (nee Nelson) is the female protagonist of the story and the wife of Noah Calhoun. Discuss the character of Allie Calhoun, including her defining personality traits and the obstacles she faces throughout the narrative.

Essay Topic 3

The climax of the novel is when Allie must choose between Lon and Noah. Discuss this section of the novel and what emotions it instills in the reader.

Essay Topic 4

Both Noah and Allie are battling old age in the...

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