The Notebook Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nicholas Sparks (author)
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Miracles, Ghosts

• In present time, Noah Calhoun is Eighty-years old and living in a nursing home.

• Noah recalls falling in love with Allie in the summer of 1932.

• Allie returned to her hometown at the end of the summer of '32.

• Noah got no replies to the letters he sent Allie.

• Noah leaves New Bern and finds work at a scrap yard in New Jersey.
• Noah joins the army and goes overseas during WWII.

• Noah inherited around seventy-thousand dollars.

• In 1946, Noah works on restoring a historic home.

• In 1946, Allie is engaged to a lawyer named Lon.

• Allie sees news of Noah in the newspaper and travels to visit him.

Reunion, Phone Calls

• In "Reunion," Allie drives to Noah's house and they reunite for the first time in fourteen years.

• Allie tells Noah she is engaged.

• Noah and Allie catch up as they prepare and eat dinner together.
• Allie and...

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