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Kevin Crossley-Holland
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the day, Loki assumes the form of _______ during the story after he flees Asgard.
(a) An otter.
(b) An eel.
(c) A salmon.
(d) A wolf.

2. Odin asks a seeress _______ at the east door a question.
(a) Standing.
(b) Sitting.
(c) Buried.
(d) Leaning.

3. Gylfi tells an old woman he will give her as much of ______ as she can plow.
(a) Finland.
(b) Germany.
(c) Norway.
(d) Sweden.

4. A giantess named ______ is the only one that will not weep for Balder.
(a) Thokk.
(b) Ragnarok.
(c) Bragi.
(d) Idun.

5. Balder's wife _______ , falls dead from a broken heart.
(a) Freyja.
(b) Narvi.
(c) Vali.
(d) Nanna.

Short Answer Questions

1. ______ suggests that Thor might try lifting his cat, according to the book's content.

2. The old woman reveals to Gylfi that she is in reality the goddess _______.

3. While crossing a channel _______ begins to taunt and insult Thor.

4. Hyndla insults Freyja's _______ behavior and the goddess encircles her with flame.

5. Loki gathers the gold of _______ the dwarf, within that particular story.

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Thor tries to drink from the horn when he is with the giants?

2. Hel tells Hermond that she will release Balder when what happens?

3. Why didn't Frigg get a promise from the mistletoe to not harm Balder in any way?

4. Who do the gods believe Thokk really is as he is the only one who refuses to weep for Balder when asked to do so?

5. What do the gods and the goddesses decide to test as they feel that Balder is going to be completely free from harm?

6. Why does Freyja call Hyndla out of her cave at the beginning of this section of the book?

7. What does Grid give to Thor in order to fight with Geirrod?

8. What is the speech by Loddfafnir include for all of those who are listening to it?

9. Why does Freyja want the giantess to give her boar some of the memory ale?

10. What does Geirrod throw at Thor in order to hurt him during their battle with each other?

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