The Norse Myths Short Essay - Answer Key

Kevin Crossley-Holland
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1. In the creation story of the gods and goddesses in the Norse mythology, how does the world begin?

The world of the gods and goddesses of Norse mythology begins in fire and ice.

2. How are man and woman formed at the beginning of the creation story of the Norse myths?

Man and woman are formed under Ymir's left arm and a son comes from his right leg in the creation story of the Norse.

3. From what is Midgard created and why is it created in the first place, according to the book?

Midgard is created from the eyebrows of Ymir to protect the three brothers from the giants.

4. What do the Vanir do when they suspect the Aesir were tricking them during their interactions with each other?

The Vanir cut off Mimir's head and send it back to the Aesir when they feel they are being tricked by the Aesir.

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