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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the emeralds wrapped in when they're discovered?
(a) Cotton.
(b) Blue silk.
(c) Brown paper.
(d) An old newspaper.

2. What does Mrs. Wilbraham bequeath to Lord Peter?
(a) Her stocks and bonds.
(b) A talking parrot.
(c) Her emeralds.
(d) Her limousine.

3. From where does Potty Peake observe Will Thoday's interactions with Jeff Deacon in the church belfry?
(a) From behind Abbot Thomas' tomb.
(b) From the church rooftop.
(c) From the ladder leading up to the belfry.
(d) From the church choir loft.

4. What kind of car does Lord Peter drive?
(a) A Range Rover.
(b) A Daimler.
(c) A Ford.
(d) A Toyota.

5. How many children do Will and Mary Thoday have?
(a) One.
(b) None.
(c) Four.
(d) Two.

6. When Jeff Deacon tells Will Thoday he's come back to Fenchurch for money, what does Will think Deacon means?
(a) That Deacon's come to blackmail Mary.
(b) That Deacon wants to blackmail him.
(c) That Deacon has come to retrieve the emeralds.
(d) That Deacon plans to rob again.

7. For what does Will Thoday initially mistake Jeff Deacon upon discovering him in the church?
(a) A rector.
(b) A burglar.
(c) A maintenance man.
(d) A choir member.

8. Who kills Arthur Cobbleigh?
(a) Emily.
(b) Mrs. Gates.
(c) James Thoday.
(d) Jeff Deacon

9. Who is Samuel Snell?
(a) A Tailor Paul ringer who lives to be seventy-six.
(b) The real husband of Mary Thoday.
(c) The real emerald thief.
(d) The killer of Jean Legros.

10. Who is able to give Potty Peake an alibi for the day of Jeff Deacon's murder?
(a) James Thoday.
(b) Mary Thoday.
(c) Reverend Venables.
(d) Potty's aged aunt.

11. When Mrs. Wilbraham dies, what is clasped in her hand?
(a) A bottle of sleeping pills.
(b) Her emeralds.
(c) A photo of her late husband.
(d) A crucifix.

12. Why does Emily, the Rectory maid, threaten to quit?
(a) She doesn't like Lord Peter staying at the Rectory.
(b) She thinks she's getting paid a less than fair wage.
(c) Bunter yells at her.
(d) She thinks the Venables want her to work too many hours.

13. What does Mrs. Wilbraham do once her necklace is returned to her?
(a) Has the emeralds made into earrings and a bracelet.
(b) Sells the emeralds for quick cash.
(c) Repays the money the Thorpes paid her.
(d) Demands the arrest of Stephen Driver.

14. How do the police try to get Will and James Thoday to confess to Jeff Deacon's murder?
(a) They claim to have evidence incriminating the brothers.
(b) They tell each that the other has confessed.
(c) They lie about having an eyewitness to the crime.
(d) They put the brothers in a room with a hidden microphone.

15. One year after Deacon's murder, how much deeper is the River Wale due to a rainy season?
(a) Twelve feet deeper.
(b) Nine feet deeper.
(c) Eight inches deeper.
(d) Two feet deeper.

Short Answer Questions

1. To where does Reverend Venables send the parish registers and all the church valuables to protect them from the flood?

2. The ringers of which church bell tend to live to ripe old age?

3. What is the only area of Fenchurch St. Paul not covered in water?

4. Which Fenchurch St. Paul parishioner has purchased several items identical to the one on which Lord Peter hoped to find fingerprints?

5. What is the first thing Reverend Venables does once Lord Peter tells him the sluice gates are collapsing?

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