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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first thing Reverend Venables does once Lord Peter tells him the sluice gates are collapsing?
(a) He organizes beds in the church for the parishioners.
(b) He rings an alarm on the church bells.
(c) He stores food and blankets in the church.
(d) He solicits volunteers to help strengthen the gates.

2. How does James Thoday identify Jeff Deacon when he finds Deacon's corpse in the church belfry?
(a) By Deacon's large nose and crooked teeth.
(b) By Deacon's mustache.
(c) By Deacon's blue eyes and prominent eyebrows.
(d) By the large scar on Deacon's hand.

3. What does Reverend Venables ask his parishioners to bring to the church in baskets during the flood?
(a) Medical supplies.
(b) Coffee and tea.
(c) Loaves of bread and fruits and vegetables.
(d) Their cats, rabbits and guinea-pigs.

4. What does Mrs. Wilbraham do once her necklace is returned to her?
(a) Sells the emeralds for quick cash.
(b) Has the emeralds made into earrings and a bracelet.
(c) Repays the money the Thorpes paid her.
(d) Demands the arrest of Stephen Driver.

5. What flies out of the hiding place in the roof along with the emeralds?
(a) A bat.
(b) A robin.
(c) A wasp.
(d) A hornet.

6. In France, why does Jeff Deacon pretend he's lost his ability to speak?
(a) He speaks French with a British accent.
(b) He has a lisp and is embarrassed by it.
(c) He doesn't want anyone to find out he's German.
(d) He doesn't want anyone to question him about his past.

7. Why do Mary Thoday and Will Thoday leave town?
(a) To remarry when they learn their union isn't legal.
(b) They fear Nobby Cranton will murder them.
(c) To flee arrest for the theft of the emeralds.
(d) To dispose of the stolen emeralds.

8. Whose photo does Lord Peter send to Suzanne Legros to be identified?
(a) Hezekiah Lavender's.
(b) Nobby Cranton's.
(c) Bunter's.
(d) Arthur Cobbleigh's.

9. Which Fenchurch St. Paul parishioner has purchased several items identical to the one on which Lord Peter hoped to find fingerprints?
(a) Emily.
(b) Potty Peake.
(c) Mrs. Gates.
(d) Will Thoday.

10. Who do the police initially charge with the murder of Jean Legros?
(a) James Thoday.
(b) Mrs. Wilbraham.
(c) Mary Thoday.
(d) Nobby Cranton.

11. What family owns the Red House?
(a) The Lavender family.
(b) The Wilbraham family.
(c) Lord Peter Wimsey's family.
(d) The Thorpe family.

12. What is the only area of Fenchurch St. Paul not covered in water?
(a) The Red House.
(b) Lord Peter's home.
(c) The church and rectory.
(d) The market square.

13. Who kills Arthur Cobbleigh?
(a) Jeff Deacon
(b) Mrs. Gates.
(c) Emily.
(d) James Thoday.

14. What does Nobby Cranton leave behind in the belfry when he flees it after finding Jeff Deacon?
(a) His cigarette lighter.
(b) His belt buckle.
(c) Deacon's cipher.
(d) His handkerchief.

15. Who is on the top of the bell-chamber ladder, able to witness James Thoday's removal of Deacon's body from the church?
(a) Mrs. Gates.
(b) Potty Peake.
(c) Nobby Cranton.
(d) Bunter.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what other Fenchurch St. Paul parishioner is Emily related?

2. When Mrs. Wilbraham dies, what is clasped in her hand?

3. Who buys Mary Thoday a parrot?

4. From where does Potty Peake observe Will Thoday's interactions with Jeff Deacon in the church belfry?

5. When Jeff Deacon tells Will Thoday he's come back to Fenchurch for money, what does Will think Deacon means?

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