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Kristin Hannah
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Beck offer to help Vianne with in the beginning of Chapter 10?
(a) Planting a garden.
(b) Mowing the lawn.
(c) Chopping wood.
(d) Weeding the hedges.

2. Where does Vianne see a "No Jews Allowed" sign in town in Chapter 16?
(a) At the bakery.
(b) At the wine store.
(c) At the butcher shop.
(d) At the beauty salon.

3. When does Antoine say he will depart for mobilization in Chapter 2?
(a) Monday.
(b) Sunday.
(c) Tuesday.
(d) Saturday.

4. What is the name of the town where Vianne lives with her husband and daughter in Chapter 2?
(a) Cognac.
(b) Carriveau.
(c) Digne.
(d) Chartres.

5. What "gift" does Beck give to Sophie in Chapter 12?
(a) A glass of wine.
(b) A loaf of bread.
(c) A pat of butter.
(d) A chocolate bar.

6. What happens before Isabelle loses contact with the family she is being sent from Paris with in Chapter 5?
(a) The car runs out of gas.
(b) The horse carriage runs away.
(c) The Germans shoot them.
(d) The car is bombed.

7. From whom does Beck give Vianne a letter in Chapter 16?
(a) Didier.
(b) Isabelle.
(c) Sophie.
(d) Antoine.

8. Where does Beck say he was present during the bombing in Chapter 9?
(a) Cognac.
(b) Tours.
(c) Chartres.
(d) Digne.

9. What is the invitation for that the elderly woman receives in Chapter 14?
(a) A reuntion of concentration camp survivors.
(b) A reunion of Nazi sympathizers.
(c) A reunion of passeurs.
(d) A birthday party.

10. In which year does Chapter 2 begin?
(a) 1995.
(b) 1942.
(c) 1941.
(d) 1939.

11. What information does Beck relate regarding Antoine in Chapter 11?
(a) Antoine has been taken prisoner.
(b) Antoine has joined the Nazi fighters.
(c) Antoine has fled to America.
(d) Antoine has been killed.

12. What do Isabelle's falsified papers claim her name to be in Chapter 19?
(a) Marie Rossignol.
(b) Edith Cavell.
(c) Juliette Gervaise.
(d) Micheline Babineau.

13. Who is the guide that leads Isabelle and the airmen to safety in Chapter 19?
(a) Antoine.
(b) Eduardo.
(c) Didier.
(d) Charles de Gaulle.

14. Who is the patron of her father's bookstore that Isabelle recognizes at the resistance meeting in Chapter 16?
(a) Didier.
(b) Levy.
(c) Julien.
(d) Antoine.

15. Isabelle reads a notice in Chapter 19 that says women discovered assisting airmen will be what?
(a) Hanged.
(b) Tortured and shot.
(c) Sent to concentration camps.
(d) Shot on sight.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the term "gendarme" refer to?

2. Who is Vianne's best friend and neighbor?

3. Who brought the note for Isabelle in Chapter 13?

4. What is one of the haggard women clutching when she comes to Vianne's door in Chapter 7?

5. Where does Isabelle hide the pilot in Chapter 17?

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