Objects & Places from The Nightingale

Kristin Hannah
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This creature symbolizes love and loss in the novel. It is also the English meaning of the last name of the two main protagonists.

Juliette Gervaise Papers

These items are discovered in a trunk belonging to the protagonist by her son. They symbolize the past.


This is the type of flower that grows in the yard at the protagonist's home. Its scent is associated with farewells.


This is the stuffed rabbit that Sophie sleeps with and carries as a child.

Le Jardin

This is the name of the summer home where Vianne lives and grew up.


Isabelle steals this item and later convinces Henri to paint it for her.


This French city is one of the main settings in The Nightingale.


This "luxury" is one of many items that were rationed during the war.


This valuable item is sold by Vianne...

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