The Nightingale Fun Activities

Kristin Hannah
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Create a map of the progression of the Nazis in the course of The Nightingale. When did the Nazis enter and overcome France? Where are the major battles described in the story? Where does Isabelle go with the wounded airmen?

News Clipping

Find a news clipping that involves some aspect of the narrative and bring it to class. Discuss with the class how the clipping relates to the events in the story.


Write an obituary for one of the characters in The Nightingale and discuss their memorable qualities.

Book Cover

Design a book cover for The Nightingale that integrates the themes, characters, and/or setting of the novel.

Character Rendering

Draw your interpretation of a character from the novel. Integrate the author's imagery from the novel in your work.

Costume Day

Research the style of dress from the novel and create a version of a costume...

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