The Nightingale Character Descriptions

Kristin Hannah
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Vianne Mauriac

This character was raised at her family's summer home, Le Jardin, following her mother's death. She married at a young age and suffered a miscarriage from her first pregnancy.

Isabelle Rossignol

This character was raised at various boarding schools following the death of her mother. When the war begins, she is sent out of Paris by her father and later becomes involved in the French Resistance efforts.


This character is a member of the French resistance and later joins a guerilla group as an explosives expert.

Captain Beck

This character is the first German to billet at Le Jardin.

Sophie Mauriac

This character is a child when the war begins. She grows into an astute teenager who is acutely aware of the things going on around her.

Rachel de Champlain

This character is a Jewish neighbor and friend of the protagonist. Her husband Marc is sent...

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