The Nightingale Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kristin Hannah
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Chapters 1-4

• The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah, is primarily set in France during World War II.

• The novel tells the story of two sisters affected by the war as France becomes a country occupied by the Nazis and forced to submit to German martial law.

• Chapter 1 begins on the Oregon Coast in 1995 with an unnamed older woman reflecting on the difference between her generation and the present day younger generations.

• The woman is preparing to move from her home to an assisted living facility at the request of her son.

• In the attic, the woman locates a steamer trunk filled with mementos; among the items is a poetry book by Julien Rossignol and a passport-sized photo of a young woman named Juliette Gervaise.

• The woman's son finds her in the attic and she tells him she wants to take the trunk.

• The woman’s son asks her who...

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