The Nickel Boys Fun Activities

Colson Whitehead
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Compose a Eulogy

Write a eulogy in honor of Elwood, the protagonist of The Nickel Boys. As you compose the eulogy, take on the voice of Turner as he recalls the friend he lost all those years ago.

Write a Letter

Compose a letter to Colson Whitehead. Include specific elements of the text that resonated with you and explain how particular literary techniques he used affected you as a reader.

Research the Real Place

Conduct an online inquiry into the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Florida, the institution on which the Nickel Academy was based.

Write a Short Story

Write a short story from the perspective of Harriet, Elwood's grandmother and guardian.

Conduct an Interview

Conduct an interview with a classmate. Ask your classmate how they felt when they reached the end of the novel and discovered that Elwood had not, in fact, made it out of...

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