The Nice and the Good Character Descriptions

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John Ducane - He is forty-three and has round blue eyes, a hook-nose, and is starting to get gray hair. He appears in the novel as an intelligent, thoughtful man, although he is somewhat tormented by the events that are going on.

Jessica - She is a twenty-eight-year-old teacher. She is pale, thin, and has long brownish-gold hair.

Mary Clothier - She has straight dark hair and the air of a governess. She runs the house, cares for the children and is always there for the others. She feels distress over not being able to reach some members of the household, especially Willy and Theo.

Willy Kost - He is a refugee scholar who lives in the cottage at Trescombe. He suffers from depression and the household fears he might kill himself someday.

Kate Gray - She has a bright round face and her hair is a...

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