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Lily Tuck
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Baron von Fischer-Truenfeld woo Ella?

2. Which character is described as being "appealed" with the wasted golden opportunity for the Brazilians?

3. Who does Franco blame for Miguel's death?

4. Who does Ella sue in the Parisian courts?

5. What freak weather occurs when Ella is looting the statues?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Pancho die?

2. How does Franco die?

3. What does Dr. Mastermind do upon his release from prison?

4. What happens to Maria Olivia after the doctor realizes she is ill?

5. What has happened to Ella's belongings when she and her children return to Paris?

6. What does Dr. Mastermind realize about Franco's hospitals in Humaita?

7. What happens when Ella and Padre Fidel Maiz visit the statues at Caacupe?

8. What does Charles Washburn consider a wasted golden opportunity for the Brazilian forces?

9. What befalls the "traitors" in the Lopez family after their arrest?

10. How does General Diaz die?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Arrogance proved to be one of the most dangerous attributes for a character in this novel to have. Choose two characters who were particularly arrogant and give two examples of each of their arrogant behaviors. Finally, explain how the arrogance that infested these characters' live affected them in their deaths.

Essay Topic 2

Describe Dr. Henry Kennedy and explain the impact that he had on Ella's life. How does his short presence in the novel change the relationship that Ella has with Franco?

Essay Topic 3

Ella and Franco had very different childhoods that inevitably led them to each other. Compare and contrast the childhoods that these characters had, and explain how their upbringings irrevocably altered their relationship.

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