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Lily Tuck
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of Franco's sons is described as being slow and not very good at hiding?

2. Who is Rosaria?

3. Which adjective does Franco use to describe his sisters?

4. What is the nationality of Dimitri, Ella's live-in man?

5. How does Franco travel to Paraguay from Buenos Ayres?

Short Essay Questions

1. What accident befalls Marie while riding horseback to Paraguay?

2. What does Charles Washburn consider a wasted golden opportunity for the Brazilian forces?

3. What happens when Franco and Ella try to have their son baptized?

4. What happens when Franco foolishly loses 6,000 men in the marshes of Humaita?

5. What does the U.S. government think of the Lopez dynasty?

6. How does Pancho die?

7. How do Ella Lynch and Francisco Solano Lopez meet?

8. What unexpected troubles arise for Franco when he declares war against Brazil?

9. What befalls the "traitors" in the Lopez family after their arrest?

10. What effect does General Diaz have on Franco's troops?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

During the war with Brazil, Franco acts very selfishly in regards to the people of his land. Choose two examples of times that Franco puts himself before the people of his land, and explain how these decisions wreaked havoc on the people and land that he was supposed to be protecting.

Essay Topic 2

The three wet nurses Ella hired to help raise her children each had drastically different personalities. Name and describe all three of the wet nurses Ella hired, and explain the effect each woman had on the lives of the Lopez children.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, both Franco and Ella take lovers during their relationship with one another.

Part 1.) Create a list of characters who were taken as lovers by both Ella and Franco.

Part 2.) Compare and contrast the reasons why Franco and Ella took lovers, and what their emotional states were during the affairs.

Part 3.) Explain the effect that the affairs and lovers had on Franco and Ella's relationship with each other and the lives of their children.

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