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Lily Tuck
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following characters are NOT jailed together in San Fernando?
(a) Benigno Lopez.
(b) Vinciendo Lopez.
(c) Charles Washburn.
(d) Dr. Mastermind.

2. What is Maria Oliva's dead body wrapped in while it awaits preparations?
(a) Silk fabric.
(b) Medical gauze.
(c) Newspaper.
(d) Potato sacks.

3. Who finds Maria Olivia's dead body?
(a) Dona Ines.
(b) Ella.
(c) Pancho.
(d) Frederico.

4. How does Franco witness the battles at Curupayty?
(a) By cowering behind boulders.
(b) By fighting on the front lines with his men.
(c) He reads about the battles in field reports.
(d) He watches through field glasses.

5. Which of the following characters is struck by lightning but manages to survive?
(a) Franco.
(b) Ella.
(c) Dona Ines.
(d) Rosaria.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Dona Dolores' husband die?

2. How does Franco reward the men who survived the attack on Riachuelto?

3. How does Franco celebrate the victory at Curupayty?

4. Who does Charles Washburn think is ill-prepared to deal with arrest and torture?

5. Which of the following is NOT an ailment affecting the wounded in the hospitals of Humaita?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has happened to Ella's belongings when she and her children return to Paris?

2. What effect does General Diaz have on Franco's troops?

3. How does Benigno spend his days when he returns home from exile?

4. What happens when Franco foolishly loses 6,000 men in the marshes of Humaita?

5. What does Dr. Mastermind do upon his release from prison?

6. How does Franco treat Benigno and Saturnino after their arrest for treason?

7. What does Dr. Mastermind realize about Franco's hospitals in Humaita?

8. What happens when Ella realizes that her horse, Mathilde, is dying by the banks of the Aquidaban River?

9. What happens when Ella and Padre Fidel Maiz visit the statues at Caacupe?

10. What happens when Ella and her children are sent to relocate to the small town of Pikysyry?

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