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Lily Tuck
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Rio de la Plata - This is the center South American region including parts of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina.

Buenos Aires - This is the capital city of Brazil.

Asuncion - This is the capital city of Paraguay and home to the Lopez family.

Obispo Cue - This is the palace built to hold Franco and Ella. It is a grand, pink structure made mostly of marble.

Allies / Triple Alliance - This is formed when Brazil, Argentina, and the Banda Oriental sign a treaty to fight together against Paraguay.

Cerro Leon - This is where Franco's staging ground for his war plans was held.

Humaita - This is the stronghold fort on the Paraguay River.

Riachuelto - This is a river town where the Paraguayan Navy moves to capture or destroy the Brazilian fleet and where the Paraguayan fleet is completely destroyed.

Uruguayana - This is where...

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