The News from Paraguay Character Descriptions

Lily Tuck
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Ella Lynch

This character began life in Paris, trying to live an upper class lifestyle without the financial means. This character is described as selfish, shallow, and always looking for a way to get ahead with the least effort possible.

Francisco Solano Lopez

This character is heir to the Paraguayan Presidency. This character is a very arrogant, self-centered and sadistic person who has almost no emotional attachment to family or the people of Paraguay.

Juan Francisco Lopez (Pancho)

This character quickly grows to emulate sadistic, cruel behaviors learned from a parent, and has a gruesome habit of collecting the ears sawed off enemy corpses.

Charles Washburn

This character is the United States minister to Paraguay, who documents many atrocities of Paraguay's regime and relays the information back to Washington.

Frederick Masterman

This character is the apothecary general, later promoted to assistant military surgeon of Paraguay who is appalled...

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