Objects & Places from The New York Trilogy

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Quinn's Apartment

This residence is located in New York City and has a new tenant at the end of City of Glass, a young woman in a nurse's uniform.

Stillman Apartment

This residence is located on East 69th Street in New York City.

Heights Luncheonette

This establishment is a place where Quinn frequently eats and talks about baseball.

Columbia Library

This is where Quinn goes to read Stillman's book.

Grand Central Station

This is the place in New York City where Quinn goes to meet Stillman when he is first released.

Paul Auster's Apartment

This residence is located on Riverside Drive. A writer, rather than a detective, lives there in the novel City of Glass.

Brooklyn Heights

This neighborhood is the site of the apartment that White rented for Blue.

Algonquin Hotel

This is where Blue and Black drink Black and Whites together during their second meeting.


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