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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes waves different from molecules?
(a) Waves are not actually real.
(b) Only their effects are different.
(c) Waves vibrate, but matter doesn't.
(d) Waves pass through matter.

2. When a magnetic field flows from a magnet into metal what is pulled together?
(a) Nothing.
(b) The metal and magnet.
(c) The metal and the current.
(d) The magnet and the current.

3. How does Macaulay illustrate the idea of a chemical reaction to produce electricity?
(a) A man and a woman jousting on mammoths.
(b) A giant lemon being stabbed with zinc and copper lances.
(c) Two men holding swords and riding giant lemons.
(d) A man and a woman jousting on dragons.

4. How can bits be saved on tapes?
(a) By overwriting the data onto strips.
(b) By impressing the data into dots.
(c) By transforming them into a magnetic field.
(d) Bits cannot be stored on tapes.

5. What sort of storage system use bar codes?
(a) Heat.
(b) Light.
(c) Optical.
(d) Numerical.

6. In what part of the atom does one find electrons?
(a) The outer ring.
(b) In both the nucleus and outer rings.
(c) The nucleus.
(d) They are not part of an atom.

7. What is one phenomenon a measurement of force measures?
(a) Push pressure.
(b) Vise pressure.
(c) Pull pressure.
(d) Earthquakes.

8. What are happening to the crates at the opening to Chapter 2 in this section?
(a) They are being burned.
(b) They are being destroyed by a mammoth with an axe.
(c) They are being destroyed by a caveman with an axe.
(d) They are being stacked into rows.

9. As the frequency speed increases, what happens to the pitch?
(a) Frequency has no effect on pitch.
(b) It gets higher.
(c) It dissipates.
(d) It gets lower.

10. How can information in binary code be communicated?
(a) It cannot be communicated.
(b) Electrical pulses.
(c) Light waves.
(d) Morse code.

11. What do sensors and detectors measure?
(a) Only light rays.
(b) Only electrical currents.
(c) Electrical currents, rays, and waves.
(d) Only electrical waves.

12. What are devices which measure and/or locate a force and/or give feedback?
(a) Sensors and desensitizers.
(b) Detractors and desensitizers.
(c) Sensors amd detectors.
(d) Detectors and detractors.

13. What is it called when filters block out all the rays except ones vibrating in a chosen field?
(a) Optimization.
(b) Inversion.
(c) Polarization.
(d) UV absorbtion.

14. Of what is color photography paper made when printing from a negative?
(a) Three color sensitive layers.
(b) Six color sensitive layers.
(c) A black layer sandwhiched between two color sensitive layers.
(d) One color sensitive layers.

15. What two elements combine to make a body scanner?
(a) Radio waves and magnetic fields.
(b) Sound waves and radio waves.
(c) Magnetic fields and light waves.
(d) Magnetic fields and sound waves.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does RADAR use?

2. Why can a dog hear a dog whistle that humans cannot?

3. What is another term for electromagnetic waves?

4. What is additive mixing?

5. Why is the mammoth at first overjoyed?

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