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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do mirrors reflect an image?
(a) Inversed.
(b) Without distortion.
(c) As if it were a convex lens.
(d) As if it were a concave lens.

2. Upon what numbers are codes in a binary system built?
(a) 0, -1.
(b) 1, 2.
(c) 0, 1.
(d) 0, 9.

3. In what part of the atom does one find electrons?
(a) The outer ring.
(b) In both the nucleus and outer rings.
(c) They are not part of an atom.
(d) The nucleus.

4. What is the type of electricity when electrons travel through a conductor such as metal?
(a) Direct electricity.
(b) Current electricity.
(c) Wave electricity.
(d) Static electricity.

5. What happens when visible rays cross the lens of our eye and are bent through the convex surface?
(a) They form an image on the retina.
(b) The can burn out the cortex.
(c) They vibrate the retina.
(d) They vibrate the iris.

6. What responds to the smoke/no smoke pattern?
(a) A smoke alarm.
(b) A barrage of pears/no pears.
(c) A barrage of apples/no apples.
(d) A group of tangerines.

7. What is a core of wire wound around an iron core?
(a) An altimeter.
(b) A bushing coil.
(c) An electromagnet.
(d) A demagnitizer.

8. What does RADAR use?
(a) Radiation.
(b) Recharged particles.
(c) Radio waves.
(d) Restored particles.

9. What are two ways electrical bits can be stored?
(a) In liquids.
(b) Tapes.
(c) Chips and barcodes.
(d) In plaster.

10. Where can the electromagnetic fields exist that sound waves cannot?
(a) Through dense matter.
(b) Outside of matter.
(c) In the brain.
(d) In a vacuum.

11. What is another term for electromagnetic waves?
(a) Links.
(b) Quantums.
(c) Quarks.
(d) Rays.

12. What parts of ROM memory can be changed?
(a) The binary code.
(b) None.
(c) The upper chip layers.
(d) The lower chip layers.

13. What is frequency?
(a) How quickly a wave moves past each peak of energy.
(b) How often a wave begins moving after encountering a barrier that stops it.
(c) How often one wave moves past a peak of energy.
(d) How often a wave is generated.

14. What is the meaning of RAM?
(a) Random Acts of Motion.
(b) Radar Accessible Memory.
(c) Read Accessible Motion.
(d) Random Access Memory.

15. What is one thing an electrical current can measure?
(a) Particles in the air.
(b) Density.
(c) Frequency.
(d) Opacity.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one step in creating liquid crystal displays?

2. What type of storage does RAM offer?

3. How many principle(s) govern the flow of electricity?

4. What happens when electrons are rubbed, shuffled, or brushed off one surface onto another?

5. In the illustration of how electricity is generated by a chemical reaction, what is the end result of the illustration?

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