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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Harnassing the Elements, Introduction, Floating, Flying and Pressure Power, pp.91-141.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when molecules are squeezed or stretched beyond the boundaries of their comfortable balance?
(a) They remain in an uneasy balance.
(b) The molecules dissipate into individual atoms that can be lost or destroyed.
(c) The molecules are driven to remain unbalanced.
(d) The molecules are driven to return to that balance.

2. What is the density of salt water compared to fresh water?
(a) It depends on their electrical charge.
(b) Salt water is denser.
(c) They have the same density.
(d) Fresh water is denser.

3. What imparts movement into the air or water around them on a ship?
(a) Bits.
(b) Levers.
(c) Cams.
(d) Propellers.

4. What happens if the edges of the two wheels touch?
(a) The one wheel will wear out faster than the other.
(b) Nothing unless they have cams.
(c) The one will stop the other wheel.
(d) The rotation of one will cause the other to rotate.

5. Upon what principle does a pulley work?
(a) It is easier to pull something down rather than up.
(b) It is easier to overcome gravity than force.
(c) The amount of work required is halved by the amount of effort.
(d) The rotation of one gear pulls the other.

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon what does the amount of upthrust of an object in water depend?

2. In flying, what is used to overcome weight from gravity?

3. What does the Mechanics of Movement explore?

4. What is suction referred to in the act of flying?

5. What does one have to understand in order to understand the way things work?

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