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Michelle Alexander and Michelle McCool
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where was the National Colored Convention that Frederick Douglass made the statement that is quoted in the beginning of Chapter 4: "The Cruel Hand"?

2. How many drug arrests took place nationally in 2005?

3. In what case in 1985 did the Court rule that racially biased strikes violate the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment?

4. Where was Edward Clary stopped and searched when he was 18?

5. What writer is attributed to the following quote from Chapter 5: "The New Jim Crow": "It's respectable to tar and feather criminals, to advocate locking them up and thowing away the key. It's not racist to be against crime, even though the archetypal criminal in the media and the public imagination almost always wears Willie Horton's face"?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author describe the circumstances of Emma Faye Stewart's arrest in Chapter 3: "The Color of Justice"?

2. How does the author describe white victims of racial caste in Chapter 5: "The New Jim Crow"?

3. What is discussed regarding Stanley Cohen's States of Denial in Chapter 5: "The New Jim Crow"?

4. How does racial segregation apply to Jim Crow and mass incarceration, according to the author in Chapter 5: "The New Jim Crow"?

5. What is noted about Frederick Douglass's speech at the National Colored Convention in 1853 in Chapter 4: "The Cruel Hand"?

6. What was enacted with the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998?

7. What is the "Black Box" that the author refers to in Chapter 4: "The Cruel Hand"?

8. What is the Baldus study? What were the conclusions of the study?

9. How does the author compare the circumstances of a freed prisoner to those of a black person living in Mississippi at the height of Jim Crow in Chapter 4: "The Cruel Hand"?

10. What circumstances led to Clinton Drake's inability to vote?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are Jim Crow laws? When were these laws established? Where were they established? What were the repercussions of the Jim Crow laws?

Essay Topic 2

How has the federal government assisted local law enforcement in the pursuit of the War on Drugs? What are examples of assets granted to local law enforcement? What incentives do local law enforcement have for fighting the War on Drugs?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the stigmas and stereotypes regarding former inmates in the U.S. How are these stereotypes and stigmas propagated? What are the impacts of these stereotypes and stigmas for the families of former convicts?

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