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Peter F. Hamilton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Laton's message presented to the Edenist General Consensus, who does Laton believe started the entire episode on Pernick Island?
(a) Leo Ruggario.
(b) Quinn Dexter.
(c) Isaac Goddard.
(d) Les Munchen.

2. How long is the Blackhawk that emerges from the wormhole in Chapter 5?
(a) 75 meters.
(b) 130 meters.
(c) 100 meters.
(d) 60 meters.

3. Who is the Earl of Luffenham?
(a) Jules Hewson.
(b) Leo Ruggario.
(c) Isaac Goddard.
(d) Fletcher Christian.

4. Who is the director of the Ombey's ESA office?
(a) Roche Skark.
(b) Quinn Dexter.
(c) Gerald Skibbow.
(d) Lawrence Dillon.

5. What city is in a panic when Louise arrives?
(a) Eden.
(b) Pernick.
(c) Lalonde.
(d) Norwich.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Louise Kavanaugh's mother?

2. When Capone is on Monterey, how many non-possessed are still in areas controlled by the Organization?

3. Where are Carmitha's instincts telling her to go instead of going to Bytham?

4. Who is at the controls of the overloaded space plane that has problems as it ascends through Lalonde's atmosphere?

5. Who tries to rescue the girls as they are standing outside their mother's boudoir?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Al and Jezzibella walk into the operations center on Monterey, what is showing on the wall mounted holographic screens?

2. According to Louise's father, why is Quinn staying at the Kavanaugh manor?

3. Why can Al Capone not datavise anyone?

4. Name the two people responsible for overseeing Capone's law enforcers for the Organization.

5. As the story opens, what two things is Louise Kavanaugh waiting for?

6. What was so unusual about the airport when Jezzibella's tour convoy arrives to leave San Angeles?

7. When the ESA head of station prepares to go down to the Pasto city spaceport, what does the head of station request from the director?

8. According to Louise Kavanaugh's musings, what has destiny apparently chosen Louise to do?

9. In Chapter 5, how does the person survive passage through the wormhole without being in a ship?

10. According to the stranger who rescues Al Capone off the street, what is the ultimate goal of the group that the stranger is taking Al to?

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