Objects & Places from The Neutronium Alchemist Consolidation

Peter F. Hamilton
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The Lady Mac - This is the protagonist's battle ship.

Lalonde - This is the source of the possessed outbreak in a newly colonized jungle world.

The Alchemist - This is a destructive weapon.

Omurta - This is what the weapon's creator is trying to destroy.

Norfolk - This is an agrarian world that takes its geographical names from ancient England.

Norwich - This is the capital city of the world that is overtaken by the possessed.

Bitek - This is a constructed organic system.

Garissa - This is the barren home world of the Alchemist weapon's discoverer.

Valisk - This is a bitek habitat founded by an Edenist outsider.

The Dorados - This is a series of asteroids containing a small group of Garrisan loyalists.

Ombrey - This is a modern planet of heavy commerce sporting a technologically advanced and largely wealthy society.

Aetherstone - This...

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