The Neutronium Alchemist Consolidation Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Peter F. Hamilton
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Chapters 1-2

• As the story opens, Joshua Calvert and his crew have just rescued Kelly Tirrel, Father Horst, and a number of children from Lalonde.

• Lalonde has fallen to the possessed.

• On Norfolk, Louise Kavanaugh is waiting for their father to return from Boston. He took the local militia to Norwich to quell the riots.

• Louise is pregnant with Joshua's child. She is fearful that people will find out she's pregnant and is hoping that Joshua will return and marry her before people find out about the baby.

• When Grant Kavanaugh arrives on the train from Boston, his family immediately knows that something is wrong with him.
• Grant tells his family that the strange men accompanying him will be staying with them at the estate.

• When the girls hear strange noises from their parents' room, they investigate and see that their father has transformed into a large, armored...

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