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John Kennedy Toole
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does David sleep at the end of "Chapter 2"?
(a) The car.
(b) The porch.
(c) The couch.
(d) The kitchen.

2. What does David say about his emotions when he first learns his father died?
(a) He has never been more sad.
(b) He can't think about his emotions.
(c) He feels bad for his mother.
(d) He doesn't know how to feel.

3. What does Aunt Mae say when questioned about why she didn't go on Bobbie Lee Taylor's stage?
(a) She knows she is a sinner.
(b) There wasn't enough room.
(c) She is too afraid.
(d) She is uncertain.

4. Why does David think about the beach when he learns his father died?
(a) Because he's trying to think of something else.
(b) Because of his fond memories there.
(c) Because he was going to go there that weekend.
(d) Because they wanted to visit there.

5. Why does David's father sell the seeds in "Chapter 3"?
(a) To start a new business.
(b) To make David's mother angry.
(c) To prove he is right.
(d) For grocery money.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Chapter 2," what does David's mother insist his father return to the store in town?

2. What is the first thing David thinks of when he hears his father died?

3. What is wrong with Aunt Mae's breakfast in "Chapter 3"?

4. How does David say he learned that George was arrested?

5. At the end of "Chapter 5," what does David realize about himself?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does David say Aunt Mae had a hard time fitting in in his small town?

2. What does the train ride in "Chapter 1" remind David of?

3. What does the strange woman at the end of "Chapter 4" tell David's family?

4. What is the breakfast like that Aunt Mae prepares in "Chapter 3"?

5. What is David's life in school like in the fourth grade?

6. What is the party like at the factory in "Chapter 5"?

7. What happens when David's father is drafted?

8. In "Chapter 3," why does David get in trouble at school?

9. How does David react to learning that his father died in the war?

10. How does Mrs. Watkins punish David in "Chapter 3"?

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