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John Kennedy Toole
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is David's response in "Chapter 2" after learning his father wants him to help with the crops?
(a) David wants to start his own farm.
(b) David wants to return to school.
(c) David can't wait to help.
(d) David pretends to be sick.

2. Why does Aunt Mae go to the movie theater on Saturdays?
(a) To see the latest movie.
(b) To play music.
(c) For her new job.
(d) To meet men.

3. How does David feel after talking to Jo Lynne before she leaves town?
(a) Calm.
(b) Ashamed.
(c) Confused.
(d) In love.

4. In "Chapter 8," when does Aunt Mae promise to send train tickets to David?
(a) As soon as she gets to Nashville.
(b) In three months.
(c) When she has money.
(d) When he agrees to go to college.

5. After David's graduation, what does he find his mother doing?
(a) Rearranging her bedroom.
(b) Crying in the bathroom.
(c) Talking to herself in the kitchen.
(d) Sleeping in the living room.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Aunt Mae spend less time at home after the factory party?

2. How do the women decorate their hair for the party in "Chapter 5"?

3. What does David do the first time he smells Mrs. Watkins' breath?

4. Why does David think about the beach when he learns his father died?

5. Why does Aunt Mae tell David to get into Clyde's truck after graduation?

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