The Neon Bible Character Descriptions

John Kennedy Toole
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This character takes a train out-of-town after shooting the preacher.


This character dies in Italy during the war.


This character slowly goes insane before dying.

Aunt Mae Gebler

This character struggles with her career as a singer.


This character gets arrested, but rumors spread that he moved.

Mrs. Watkins

This character is a first grade teacher who likes to embarrass her students.

Jo Lynne

This character has a minor romance while visiting her grandmother.

The Preacher

This character tries to keep a revival out of town.


This character moves to Nashville for a radio job.

Mrs. Moore

This character teaches the fifth grade.

Bobbie Lee Taylor

This character is an Evangelist who brings a revival to town.

Mr. Farney

This character is interested in violets and music and works as a teacher.

Mr. Williams

This character owns a drugstore.


This character walked...

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