The Neon Bible Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Kennedy Toole
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Chapter 1

• While riding a train, David is reminded of his childhood.

• David's Aunt Mae came to live with his family when he was young, even though she stood out in their small town.

• David admits that Mae was his best playmate and that he didn't get along with other boys.

• Aunt Mae's boyfriend ended up in prison.

Chapter 2

• David's father loses his job and the family moves.

• David starts the first grade and his teacher dislikes him.

• David's father wants to farm the land they have, but the land is poor.

• David's mother and father get in an argument and his father hurts his mother.

• David's mother can't see a doctor because they don't have the money.

Chapter 3

• Aunt Mae attempts to make breakfast for David, but it ends up burning.

• David gets in trouble at school for being late.

• Mrs. Watkins sends David to spend the day...

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