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Richard Flanagan
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Amy tell Dorrigo that he needs to do in Section 2, Chapter 26?

2. Where did Dorrigo attend medical school?

3. Who are Amy and Keith playing cards with in Section 2, Chapter 25?

4. What does Amy take off the first time she meets Dorrigo?

5. Who is Dorrigo's fiancee in Section 1, Chapter 5?

Short Essay Questions

1. Whose 18th century death poem does Dorrigo contemplate in Section 1, Chapter 10? What is remarked about the poem?

2. What is the significance of Rabbit's sketchbook in the novel? What happens to the sketchbook when Rabbit dies in Section 3?

3. How are Amy's circumstances described in Section 2, Chapter 15? What internal conflicts is she grappling with?

4. Who gives Nakamura new orders in Section 2, Chapter 14? What are the orders?

5. How is Rooster MacNeice's relationship with the book Mein Kampf described in Section 3, Chapter 3?

6. How does the author depict the Japanese viewpoint of surrender in Section 1, Chapter 14?

7. In Section 2, Colonel Kota pulls Nakamura close and utters a few choked words, including “men” and “love.” Kota then “hoped he had been misunderstood.” What has been shared in this exchange?

8. What are your impressions of Amy's character when she is introduced in Section 2?

9. What infraction leads to Darky Gardiner being beaten in Section 3, Chapter 4?

10. How are Dorrigo's circumstances described in Section 1, Chapter 11? What is Dorrigo's position?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the themes of culpability, responsibility, and history in the novel. Do you think that the Japanese characters in the story accept their culpability for the horrors visited on the POWs? Why or why not? How does the Goanna view his own responsibility for the crimes he is convicted of?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the symbolic significance of Rabbit’s sketchbook following his death in the novel. Who places the sketchbook into the cremation fire? Who takes the sketchbook when it “leaps” from the flames? What does this object come to mean to that character?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Australia’s role in World War II. When was the Commonwealth of Australia federated? What is its relationship with the United Kingdom? How many Australians fought in World War II? Where were the majority of the Australians stationed? How many Australians were taken prisoner during the war?

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