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Richard Flanagan
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Ella visiting her sister in Section 5, Chapter 8?
(a) Sydney.
(b) Adelaide.
(c) Fern Tree.
(d) Launceston.

2. Where does Nakamura go to visit a corporal from his platoon in Section 5, Chapter 2?
(a) Funabashi.
(b) Tokyo.
(c) Nagoya.
(d) Sapporo.

3. Who is the prisoner that finds Darky collapsed near the camp in Section 3, Chapter 16?
(a) Dorrigo.
(b) Jack.
(c) Shugs.
(d) Rooster.

4. Who tells Dorrigo that he must choose 100 men to send to another camp in Section 5, Chapter 16?
(a) Colonel Kota.
(b) Major Sato.
(c) Major Nakamura.
(d) Major Ishimoto.

5. According to the narrator in Section 5, Chapter 10, where was Amy when the pub exploded?
(a) In the pub's attic.
(b) In the pub's basement.
(c) At church.
(d) At the beach.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the nurse that Nakamura befriends in Section 4, Chapter 9?

2. Who is the orderly that assists Dorrigo in the medical tent in Section 3, Chapter 17?

3. Who goes to urge Darky to get up and work before the soldiers return and beat him in Section 3, Chapter 15?

4. What does Dorrigo do when he encounters a roadblock leading into Fern Tree in Section 5, Chapter 11?

5. What does Jack Rainbow's widow unexpectedly ask Dorrigo if he believes in, in Section 4, Chapter 12?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Nakamura apply for a job in Section 4, Chapter 10? Who hires him?

2. Whom does Nakamura pay a visit to in Section 5, Chapter 2? Why?

3. How are the lives of the POWs described after they return home from the war in Section 4, Chapter 4?

4. What are Amy's current circumstances like in Section 5, Chapter 10?

5. How is Dorrigo's death described in Section 5, Chapter 17? Where does he die?

6. What circumstances does the Goanna face in Section 4, Chapter 3?

7. What is discovered when Colonel Kota orders the prisoners to be counted in Section 3, Chapter 19?

8. What stops Colonel Kota from beheading Darky in Section 3, Chapter 15?

9. What is revealed in the letter for Dorrigo from Ella in Section 5, Chapter 18?

10. How does John Menadue describe his visit to Les Whittle's widow in Section 4, Chapter 11?

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