The Narrow Road to the Deep North Short Essay - Answer Key

Richard Flanagan
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1. How is Dorrigo's relationship with Tom described in the beginning of the novel?

Dorrigo is much younger than his brother Tom, who lives some distance away. There are several other siblings but Dorrigo never really connects with any of them other than Tom. It's not until many years later that Dorrigo discovers that Tom is the cause of Jackie Maguire's heartache.

2. How would you describe the setting where Dorrigo grows up?

The family lives in Tasmania and Dorrigo doesn't really know anything about life outside his immediate world. His father, however, has lived a difficult life, surviving a major depression era. Dorrigo's family now lives in a “cottage” provided by the Tasmanian Government Railways because Dorrigo's father is an employee of that company.

3. How would you describe the language style of The Narrow Road to the Deep North?

There is some cursing throughout the book and some readers may find these distracting or offensive. The words are typically used as part of conversations and are obviously meant to mimic what the characters would have said in specific situations.

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