The Narrow Road to the Deep North Character Descriptions

Richard Flanagan
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Dorrigo Evans

This protagonist of the novel is a young doctor who is beginning a career with the military as the story opens. During World War II, he is taken as a Far East Prisoner of War.

Amy Mulvaney

This character is a happy young woman, much younger than her husband, who seems to have spent a great many years of her life mourning a baby she aborted at her husband's insistence. She engages in an extramarital affair with the protagonist.

Ella Lansbury Evans

This character is the wife of the protagonist, having waited for seven years for his return from the Prisoner of War camp and from additional military duties. She is proper, even as a young woman.

Keith Mulvaney

This character is the protagonist's uncle. He later admits that he made a mistake by encouraging his wife to have an abortion prior to their marriage.

Darky Gardiner

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