The Narrow Road to the Deep North Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Richard Flanagan
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Section 1, Chapters 1-9

• Chapter 1 opens with Dorrigo Evans recalling Jackie Maguire arriving at his home in 1915 or 1916.

• In Chapter 2, Dorrigo recalls more of this scene: Jackie is crying because his wife, later identified as Ruth, has taken a train to Launceston with her youngest child and has not returned.

• In Chapter 3, Dorrigo earns his way into the Launceston High School and soon becomes accepted among the older students.

• In Chapter 4, 18 years have passed since the night of Jackie Maguire's tears, and Dorrigo is in bed with a young woman named Amy.

• Amy is married to Dorrigo's uncle Keith Mulvaney, though Keith is much older than Amy.

• Dorrigo is 27, has completed a medical degree, and is now a surgeon.

• In Chapter 5, Amy asks Dorrigo if he plans to leave Ella, his fiancée, and Dorrigo asks if Amy is prepared to leave her husband, Keith.

• In Chapter 6, Dorrigo is...

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