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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gogol bring Maxine to his parents home?
(a) Maxine wants to meet Gogol's parents.
(b) It's on their way to New Hampshire.
(c) Because Maxine is curious about how people from India live.
(d) Gogol knows his mother won't rest until she meets Maxine.

2. What does the Ganguli family do on the eleventh day after Ashoke's death?
(a) They ask them if there is anything of Ashoke's that they can use.
(b) They invite friends to mark the end of the mourning period.
(c) They dab themselves with mud and ashes for mourning.
(d) They return to India with Ashoke's ashes.

3. What do Moushumi's friends decide about names?
(a) There is no perfect name.
(b) They wish their culture had as beautiful names as Indian ones.
(c) No matter what the name, it eventually seems to suit.
(d) They will wait until the child is born and then decide.

4. Where had Moushumi been at the time of Ashoke's funeral?
(a) She was on an extended visit to India.
(b) Traveling extensively, something she'd always wanted to do.
(c) In Paris.
(d) At Brown University studying for her Ph.D.

5. What does Gogol do as soon as he gets the news of his father's death?
(a) He rushes home to comfort his mother.
(b) He tells Sonia he can't get away and asks her to take care of things.
(c) He flies to Ohio to take care of things.
(d) He tries and fails to get time off from work.

Short Answer Questions

1. What embarrasses Gogol about the meal his mother has prepared for his and Maxine's visit?

2. What does Moushumi do with Dimitri's resume?

3. Where did Moushumi live while growing up?

4. Who or what does Gogol fall in love with when he falls in love with Maxine?

5. Why isn't Ashima alarmed when Ashoke calls her in the evening when he is sick?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kind of wedding do Gogol and Moushumi have?

2. Why doesn't Gogol know immediately of his father's death?

3. What happens to change a friendly evening into an intimate encounter between Mushumi and Gogol?

4. What happens when Gogol takes Maxine to meet his family?

5. How does Gogol finally learn about his father's death?

6. Why does Gogol agree to visit his family when he'd rather go to New Hampshire with Maxine's family?

7. What happens the day after Gogol meets a girl named Maxine?

8. What does Gogol do for Moushumi's Christmas gift?

9. What do Moushumi and Dimitri do when they meet?

10. What call does Ashima get while working on the Christmas cards?

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