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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Moushumi and Gogol meet for their first date?
(a) They meet in Central Park.
(b) At Ashima's house.
(c) At Gogol's apartment in New York City.
(d) At a bar that's small, dark, and silent.

2. Why does Gogol bring Maxine to his parents home?
(a) Gogol knows his mother won't rest until she meets Maxine.
(b) Maxine wants to meet Gogol's parents.
(c) It's on their way to New Hampshire.
(d) Because Maxine is curious about how people from India live.

3. What book does Moushumi look for that was inscribed for her by Dimitri?
(a) Shakespeare's poems.
(b) The Red and the Black.
(c) Gone With the Wind.
(d) A volume of love poems.

4. What embarrasses Gogol about the meal his mother has prepared for his and Maxine's visit?
(a) There is too much food and it's too rich for the warm weather.
(b) His mother didn't care enough to prepare a nice meal.
(c) It's too spicy; Maxine doesn't like spicy food.
(d) It's not the kind of food Maxine is used to.

5. Why doesn't Gogol enjoy the trip to Paris with Moushumi as much as he expected?
(a) He worries about his mother alone and a widow.
(b) He doesn't like the French culture.
(c) He feels left out of Moushumi's circle of friends.
(d) He misses his work and feels useless.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Maxine tell Gogol he should do while at his mother's house for the religious ceremony?

2. What does Moushumi wear for her wedding?

3. How does Gogol feel about his frequent visits to Maxine's home?

4. What does Ashima do before Christmas while Ashoke is in Ohio?

5. How does Ashima feel about Gogol's living with Maxine?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Moushumi reveal about her past that she finds humiliating?

2. Why does Gogol agree to visit his family when he'd rather go to New Hampshire with Maxine's family?

3. What happens when Gogol takes Maxine to meet his family?

4. How does Gogol feel about Maxine's family?

5. Why doesn't Gogol know immediately of his father's death?

6. How does Gogol plan to present Moushumi with the tickets?

7. What does Moushumi do while married to Gogol and feeling discontented with life?

8. What do Gogol and Moushumi decide to do with the money they receive as wedding presents?

9. How do Gogol and Mushumi react to one another after all this time?

10. What does Gogol do after graduating from college?

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