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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Maxine's parents do for Gogol while in New Hampshire?
(a) They throw a party just for him.
(b) They introduce him to an architect who can advance his career.
(c) They initiate him into the American ritual of Sunday afternoon football.
(d) They teach him how to play golf and tennis.

2. What do Moushumi's friends decide about names?
(a) There is no perfect name.
(b) No matter what the name, it eventually seems to suit.
(c) They will wait until the child is born and then decide.
(d) They wish their culture had as beautiful names as Indian ones.

3. What fact delights Moushumi as she begins her eighth semester at NYU?
(a) She's at the top of her class.
(b) She will never again in her life take a class.
(c) She prefers her classmates over everyone else she'd ever met.
(d) She's welcomed back by everyone she meets.

4. What does Ashoke tell Ashima is the reason he's in the hospital?
(a) He has unexplained leg cramps.
(b) He has been coughing a lot and thinks it might be pneumonia.
(c) He has a stomach ache, he thinks he ate some bad chicken.
(d) He fell and his coworkers rushed him to the hospital.

5. How has Dimitri changed since Moushumi first met him?
(a) She doesn't see any changes at all.
(b) He's finally achieved the self-confidence he always wanted.
(c) Unlike when they first met, he's attentive.
(d) Some gray has come into his hair and some lines are around his mouth and eyes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Moushumi and Gogol do during their free time after they are husband and wife?

2. How did Moushumi's engagement end?

3. What happened to one of the administrative assistants at NYU?

4. What does Maxine tell Gogol he should do while at his mother's house for the religious ceremony?

5. Where did Moushumi live while growing up?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens the day after Gogol meets a girl named Maxine?

2. What do Gogol and Moushumi decide to do with the money they receive as wedding presents?

3. What happens to change a friendly evening into an intimate encounter between Mushumi and Gogol?

4. What does Gogol do after graduating from college?

5. What do Moushumi and Dimitri do when they meet?

6. What kind of wedding do Gogol and Moushumi have?

7. How does Gogol plan to present Moushumi with the tickets?

8. What does Ashima do by herself with her husband in Ohio?

9. When bothers Gogol after he and Moushumi return to New York after a trip to Paris?

10. What does Moushumi reveal about her past that she finds humiliating?

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