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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Moushumi wear for her wedding?
(a) A white flowing wedding dress.
(b) A traditional Indian sari.
(c) A dress chosen for her by her family as tradition decrees.
(d) She wears a suit because she must return to work shortly.

2. How does conversation at a party attended by Gogol and Moushumi at the home of a friend come around to the subject of names?
(a) They discover Gogol legally changed his name.
(b) A couple is about to have a baby and is thinking about names.
(c) Moushumi offers that she kept her maiden name when she married.
(d) They ask about Gogol and Moushumi's names.

3. How do the Ganguli family friends react to the news of Ashoke's death?
(a) They take turns helping with household chores.
(b) They are shocked and don't know what to say.
(c) They tell the Ganguli family that they can now return to India.
(d) They all respond with visits, calls, and cards.

4. How often does Ashima see Ashoke while he's working in Ohio?
(a) Every weekend, though it is expensive that often.
(b) Once a month, it's all the time off he can get.
(c) His job doesn't allow for him to come home at all.
(d) Every three weekends he comes home.

5. What kind of wedding do Gogol and Moushumi decide on?
(a) A small wedding at Moushumi's family home.
(b) A typical American wedding like their friends have had.
(c) They marry in the courthouse during their lunch hour.
(d) A traditional Indian wedding with some differences.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Gogol feel about his frequent visits to Maxine's home?

2. How does Gogol feel when he and Moushumi return from Paris to America and attend parties?

3. Who does Ashima try to contact first after learning of Ashoke's death?

4. What does the Ratliff's move to New Hampshire every year remind Gogol of?

5. Who wants to introduce Gogol to a girl he used to know as a child?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Moushumi reveal about her past that she finds humiliating?

2. What does Gogol do when he learns of his father's death?

3. What does Gogol do for Moushumi's Christmas gift?

4. What do Moushumi and Dimitri do when they meet?

5. What does Gogol do after graduating from college?

6. How does Gogol finally learn about his father's death?

7. What bothers Gogol when he goes to Paris with Moushumi when she lectures there?

8. How does Gogol plan to present Moushumi with the tickets?

9. What kind of wedding do Gogol and Moushumi have?

10. What call does Ashima get while working on the Christmas cards?

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