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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Ashima learn about Maxine?
(a) Ashima asks Gogol's friends.
(b) Maxine invites her to a party.
(c) Gogol tells her he's going on vacation to Maxine's New Hampshire home.
(d) She corners Gogol and forces him to tell her.

2. How often does Ashima see Ashoke while he's working in Ohio?
(a) Every weekend, though it is expensive that often.
(b) Once a month, it's all the time off he can get.
(c) Every three weekends he comes home.
(d) His job doesn't allow for him to come home at all.

3. How does Gogol know that his mother is nervous about meeting Maxine?
(a) She's wearing makeup and a good sari.
(b) She mumbles, something she only does when she's nervous.
(c) She can't remember Maxine's name.
(d) She burns lunch.

4. What fact delights Moushumi as she begins her eighth semester at NYU?
(a) She's at the top of her class.
(b) She prefers her classmates over everyone else she'd ever met.
(c) She will never again in her life take a class.
(d) She's welcomed back by everyone she meets.

5. What does Gogol remember while returning to New York City after his father's death?
(a) The day he spent with his father at the beach.
(b) How much he hates train rides.
(c) How much in love his parents were.
(d) How his father used to take him for ice cream.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gogol get Moushumi as a Christmas gift?

2. What does Moushumi do with Dimitri's resume?

3. Was Moushumi's fiance comfortable with her Indian heritage?

4. How do Gogol and Moushumi dress for their wedding reception?

5. Why doesn't Gogol enjoy the trip to Paris with Moushumi as much as he expected?

Short Essay Questions

1. When bothers Gogol after he and Moushumi return to New York after a trip to Paris?

2. What do the Ratliffs do for Gogol in New Hampshire?

3. What happens when Gogol takes Maxine to meet his family?

4. Do Gogol and Mushumi marry immediately after meeting?

5. What happens to change a friendly evening into an intimate encounter between Mushumi and Gogol?

6. What does Moushumi do while married to Gogol and feeling discontented with life?

7. What does Moushumi reveal about her past that she finds humiliating?

8. What kind of wedding do Gogol and Moushumi have?

9. What do Gogol and Moushumi have in common when they first meet?

10. What does Gogol do for Moushumi's Christmas gift?

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