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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gogol give his mother as a gift when his baby sister is born?
(a) A pretty bow for her hair that his father helped him pick out at the store.
(b) A picture of his family that he drew.
(c) A bracelet he made at school.
(d) A blanket for the baby.

2. How does Gogol/Nakhil feel when people who used to call him Gogol use his new name?
(a) He is pleased that they understand how important it is to him.
(b) He finds it startling.
(c) He wishes they'd still call him Gogol, he's used to it.
(d) He wonders how they can keep his names straight.

3. How does Gogol go about changing his school documents that were completed using the name Gogol?
(a) In stealth, not letting his classmates know about it.
(b) Only when necessary because paperwork doesn't match.
(c) Methodically, one paper at a time but in no hurry.
(d) He almost boasts to everyone about his name change.

4. How does the breakup between Gogol/Nakhil and Ruth happen?
(a) Ruth's parents don't like her seeing an Indian so she ends it.
(b) They have a huge fight and Gogol walks out on her.
(c) Ruth takes a class in England and that ends the affair.
(d) Gogol's friends tell him Ruth isn't right for him.

5. What time of day was the train wreck?
(a) In the evening, the engineer was blinded by the setting sun.
(b) At noon, it happened when the depot was most crowded.
(c) At two-thirty in the morning, the middle of the night actually.
(d) In the morning, when animals crossed the tracks looking for water.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't the Ganguli baby get the name it was supposed to get before leaving the hospital?

2. Why doesn't Gogol want to go to school when he begins Kindergarten?

3. What happens when Gogol returns to school during his freshman year after meeting Ruth over the weekend?

4. What difference does Ashima notice in her days before and after Gogol's birth?

5. What is Ashima's second pregnancy like?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Ashoke choose the name Nikhil for Gogol when he begins school?

2. How are the Ganguli family plans changed while preparing for a visit to India when Gogol is a year old?

3. What do the Gangulis do differently when naming their daughter Sonali than they did when Gogol was born?

4. What does Ashima think of the name Gogol that is chosen by her husband for their baby?

5. When Gogol is six, what event changes in the Ganguli family?

6. How do Ashima and Ashoke feel about Ruth when they learn of their son's girlfriend?

7. Why doesn't the school call Gogol by the name Nikhil?

8. What does Ashima think about while in labor?

9. Why aren't Ashoke and Ashima concerned that they don't have a name picked out before the birth of their child?

10. What does Ashoke do for Gogol's fourteenth birthday?

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