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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Gogol's parents think of his wanting to change his name?
(a) They see it as an insult to his heritage and his family.
(b) They can't imagine why he'd want to do such a thing.
(c) They think it's too complicated and he's too old.
(d) They think it might improve his chances for a good job.

2. What terrifies Ashima about having a child?
(a) Caring for a child with an absent husband.
(b) The difficulty of getting her figure back afterwards.
(c) The pain of childbirth.
(d) Raising it in a place so far from home.

3. What appearance does the Ganguli home present to a casual observer?
(a) Their home is clearly the home of immigrants.
(b) Their home is typical of people who don't know how to decorate an American house.
(c) Their home is painted an unusual color for the neighborhood.
(d) Their home appears no different from their neighbors.

4. How does Ashima react to Gogol's time in pre-school?
(a) She is concerned that he will forget his Indian heritage.
(b) She finds herself at long last with time for herself.
(c) She is despondent, unused to being alone all over again.
(d) She wishes she could learn alongside him.

5. How does Ashima's family keep in touch with her after Gogol's birth?
(a) They communicate sporadically.
(b) They write letters, once as many as three a week.
(c) They exchange long letters about once a month.
(d) They call every evening at six, right after dinner.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does the idea to change his name first occur to Gogol?

2. What does the nurse do when Ashoke and Ashima are first together with their child?

3. Why is the principal confused about Gogol's name?

4. What happens when the Ganguli family enters the Dum Dum Airport?

5. What does Gogol's father say after giving him a special gift for his fourteenth birthday?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ashoke think about while Ashima is in labor?

2. How does Gogol react to the gifts he receives at his fourteenth birthday party?

3. What does Ashoke do for Gogol's fourteenth birthday?

4. What happens when Gogol takes an English class in high school?

5. What happens when Gogol's train coming home from college is late?

6. What job is Ashoke offered after finishing his college studies?

7. When Gogol is six, what event changes in the Ganguli family?

8. What does Gogol do during the traditional rice ceremony when he is six months old?

9. What did Ashoke swear to do during his long recovery from the injuries he received during a train wreck when he was a young man?

10. What happens when Gogol wants to see his girlfriend, Ruth, over the Christmas holidays?

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