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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Gogol feel after leaving the courthouse with a changed name?
(a) He wonders if he now looks more like an American.
(b) He wants to tell passersby that his name is Nikhil.
(c) He wonders if he did the right thing.
(d) He is concerned that his family will no longer accept him.

2. What was Ashoke doing the day he almost died?
(a) He was reading a book.
(b) He was helping his parents clean the yard.
(c) He was climbing a mountain.
(d) He was crossing a street just like every other day.

3. What about the house becomes one of Gogol's earliest memories?
(a) The movement of the sun's rays across his bedroom floor.
(b) Playing in the dirt because there is no yard yet.
(c) His parents discussing how to furnish their new home.
(d) The sound of the kids next door playing baseball.

4. What memory of the train wreck still haunts Ashima, even after his marriage and starting a new life in America?
(a) The cries of the people trapped inside.
(b) The twisted, battered, capsized bogies of the train.
(c) The terrible silence after that first, wrenching crash.
(d) The still sky above such a terrible scene.

5. What happens to Ashoke and Ashima within a decade of moving to America?
(a) They lose touch with their families in India.
(b) They seldom know what's going on with their families in India.
(c) They both become orphans.
(d) They become true Americans.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of people are Ashima's neighbors in her first home in America?

2. In what type of neighborhood do the Gangulis finally purchase a home?

3. What makes Ashima's first outing with Gogol take longer than expected?

4. What kind of name does Ashoke consider Gogol to be when he chooses it for his son?

5. What is the one complication about Gogol/Nikhil's new name?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Gogol decide to do when he turns eighteen?

2. Why doesn't Gogol look forward to his fourteenth birthday party?

3. How does Gogol finally learn about his father's death?

4. Do Gogol and Mushumi marry immediately after meeting?

5. Why doesn't Gogol know immediately of his father's death?

6. Why doesn't the school call Gogol by the name Nikhil?

7. What does Gogol plan to do after a few minutes in his old room at his mother's going-away party?

8. How do Gogol and Mushumi react to one another after all this time?

9. What does Gogol do when he learns of his father's death?

10. Why does Ashima not fight her childrens' desires to live far away?

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