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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Gogol gives his reasons for changing his name, how do his parents respond?
(a) They feel even more insulted on behalf of Indians everywhere.
(b) They are afraid that Gogol is drifting farther and farther from them.
(c) They agree that the name Gogol only causes problems.
(d) They tell him in America anything is possible and to do as he wishes.

2. What does Ashoke remember when he and Ashima bring Gogol home?
(a) The conversation on the train before the train wreck.
(b) How beautiful Ashima had been when they first met.
(c) That he has a meeting and must soon leave for a while.
(d) That he'd not wanted children so soon.

3. What does Gogol do with the book his father gives him for his fourteenth birthday?
(a) He shuts the book and puts it on a shelf, unread.
(b) He leafs through the book to see what it's about.
(c) He loses it almost immediately.
(d) He sets it aside to read later when he has more time.

4. What happens when the Ganguli family enters the Dum Dum Airport?
(a) They look for a taxi to carry them to their destination.
(b) They are detained by security.
(c) They can't find their luggage.
(d) They are swallowed by hugs and kisses.

5. Who will name Ashoke and Ashima's baby?
(a) They have asked Ashoke's relatives in India to come up with a suitable name.
(b) Ashoke, because Indian fathers always name their children.
(c) They will ask an American because they want an American name.
(d) Ashima's grandmother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Ashima embarrassed to wear a hospital gown?

2. How does Gogol feel after leaving the courthouse with a changed name?

3. What error in speech does Ashima make when talking with the nurse?

4. What is the one complication about Gogol/Nikhil's new name?

5. Who does Gogol meet on a train coming home from school during his freshman year in college?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Gogol and Moushumi have in common when they first meet?

2. Why aren't Ashoke and Ashima concerned that they don't have a name picked out before the birth of their child?

3. How do Ashima and Ashoke feel about Ruth when they learn of their son's girlfriend?

4. What did Ashoke swear to do during his long recovery from the injuries he received during a train wreck when he was a young man?

5. How does Gogol plan to present Moushumi with the tickets?

6. What does Moushumi do while married to Gogol and feeling discontented with life?

7. Why is Ashima afraid while in labor?

8. What do the Gangulis do differently when naming their daughter Sonali than they did when Gogol was born?

9. Why doesn't the school call Gogol by the name Nikhil?

10. Why does Gogol agree to visit his family when he'd rather go to New Hampshire with Maxine's family?

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