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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the one complication about Gogol/Nikhil's new name?
(a) He doesn't feel like a Nikhil.
(b) He forgets and signs his old name every so often.
(c) He can't remember to respond to his new name.
(d) He only wishes he'd done it years earlier.

2. How do Gogol and his friends celebrate his fourteenth birthday party?
(a) They have pizzas and watched a baseball game on TV.
(b) They got to a baseball game and have pizza afterwards.
(c) They go to a pizza parlor where they play video games.
(d) They go swimming at a nearby pool.

3. What does Ashima try to make for a midnight snack?
(a) A concoction sold for pennies in Calcutta
(b) Rice Krispies bars
(c) Pickles, because she's pregnant
(d) Ice cream

4. Who else visits the baby Gogol in the hospital?
(a) Ashoke's fellow students from college.
(b) A couple the Gangulis met and a professor friend of Ashoke.
(c) Neighbors of the Gangulis.
(d) No one, they don't know anyone in America yet.

5. What error in speech does Ashima make when talking with the nurse?
(a) She uses the wrong word for baby.
(b) None, English was her best subject in Calcutta.
(c) She forgets to use the plural when mentioning toes and fingers.
(d) She slips into her native tongue without realizing it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gogol do with the book his father gives him for his fourteenth birthday?

2. What does Ashoke do while pacing in the mens' waiting room at the hospital?

3. How does the breakup between Gogol/Nakhil and Ruth happen?

4. What does the nurse do when Ashoke and Ashima are first together with their child?

5. How does Gogol go about changing his school documents that were completed using the name Gogol?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Ashima doing when her water breaks?

2. Why doesn't the school call Gogol by the name Nikhil?

3. What does Ashoke think about while Ashima is in labor?

4. Why does Ashoke choose the name Nikhil for Gogol when he begins school?

5. What did Ashoke swear to do during his long recovery from the injuries he received during a train wreck when he was a young man?

6. What does Ashoke do for Gogol's fourteenth birthday?

7. How are the Ganguli family plans changed while preparing for a visit to India when Gogol is a year old?

8. How does Gogol feel about his family during visits home from college?

9. What happens when Gogol's train coming home from college is late?

10. What happens when Gogol wants to see his girlfriend, Ruth, over the Christmas holidays?

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