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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Ashima's first outing with Gogol take longer than expected?
(a) Gogol cries and she must stop to calm him down.
(b) Friendly Americans interested in her baby.
(c) She is still tired and can't walk as quickly as expected.
(d) The pram is old and she's afraid it will break down.

2. What did Ashima do upon first meeting Ashoke when he visited her family home in India?
(a) She said she didn't want to meet anyone from America.
(b) She changed into her most beautiful sari before meeting him.
(c) She asked him about his travels, especially about America.
(d) She impulsively stepped into the strange American shoes at the door.

3. How does Ashima react to Gogol's time in pre-school?
(a) She wishes she could learn alongside him.
(b) She finds herself at long last with time for herself.
(c) She is concerned that he will forget his Indian heritage.
(d) She is despondent, unused to being alone all over again.

4. What kind of home does Gogol live in as an infant?
(a) A fully furnished apartment near Harvard and MIT.
(b) An apartment in the slums, surrounded by noisy neighbors.
(c) A two-story Georgian home the Ganguli family purchased.
(d) A sunny, comfortable home shared by three immigrant families.

5. What does Ashima tell Ashoke as soon as they bring their baby home?
(a) She rebukes him for not having done the dishes.
(b) She says she can't do this.
(c) She says nothing; she is tired and needs her sleep.
(d) She tells him they are starting on a new journey in life.

Short Answer Questions

1. What error in speech does Ashima make when talking with the nurse?

2. What does Gogol do with the book his father gives him for his fourteenth birthday?

3. What does Gogol's father give him on his fourteenth birthday?

4. What two kinds of names do children in India usually receive?

5. What does the judge ask Gogol when he goes to court to change his name?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who befriends Ashima at the hospital and how?

2. What do the Gangulis do differently when naming their daughter Sonali than they did when Gogol was born?

3. At college after changing his name, how does Gogol react to being called by his new name?

4. What happens when Gogol takes an English class in high school?

5. Why doesn't Ashima's grandmother name their grandchild as Ashima and Ashoke requested?

6. What happens to Gogol and Sonia while the family are sightseeing in India?

7. What is Ashima doing when her water breaks?

8. What does Ashima think of the name Gogol that is chosen by her husband for their baby?

9. Why does Ashoke choose the name Nikhil for Gogol when he begins school?

10. Why doesn't Gogol look forward to his fourteenth birthday party?

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